• Image of all the things you never knew/certain things you ought to know (signed by author)

"So maybe it's the stakes. If you kiss me in the snow, I will always wait for you to call first. If you trek out alone into the rugged wilderness to avenge your honor, I am coming in after you."

With the glittering city of Minneapolis and the quiet woods of Wisconsin alternating as a backdrop, this collection of creative nonfiction chronicles what we wish those who've made their way into our hearts could have known...and what we need to know for ourselves after they've made their way out again. Written with a quiet vulnerability and delightfully wry humor, these keen and unflinching observations of the human heart make each piece both intensely absorbing and startlingly familiar.

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ISBN 9781300450481
Copyright Amber L. Carter (Standard Copyright License)
First Edition
Publisher: StoryForest Press
Published March 10, 2013
Language: English
Pages: 188
Binding: Hardcover (casewrap) or paperback (choose using drop-down menu below)
Interior Ink: Black & white
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